“THE WAR” – A Rowing Sonnet



“A Rowing Sonnet”

("the test", "the race"...)

“The war is conquered by those not afraid.

Bred to fight forever; lifetime a speck.

Fame and families lost by focused neglect.

Battle made fierce through debts  already paid.”

“Each fatal death blow cast one after one.

Break hearts, crush spirits, are the only goals.

To do this true soldiers give up their souls.

Never ceasing ’til the carnage is done.”




“How does one truly sacrifice their soul?

True soldiers focus only on their part.

Faith in peace only takes one so far; a weak dove.

A greater cause that will consume them whole.

Victory is madness; no end, no start.

 Equal hate and love for the one above.”


– Patrick H. Rufo, 2016 –



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