Whether you are an athlete or just beginning your journey back into health and fitness, there is a program and a starting point that is right for you.

It’s time to “rebuild” you back into the athlete or person you want to become.

We will schedule our first 90 minute training session to meet face to face and review your goals. This will allow us to create a training program that is completely customized to your mindset and your abilities.

You can schedule your first 90 minute session with me right now. We will review your profile, assess your mobility, and establish realistic and achievable goals.


“Rebuilding a Rower” is for masters rowers and scullers that would like get back to enjoying and competing in the sport. For high schooI and collegiate athletes, we will take your rowing and training to the next level.

In addition to taking one of the Athletic Profiles, and going through the FMS Screen, I will also video and break down your rowing technique. We will work towards integrating your program into your coach’s training program.

We will also gear your Mindset sessions towards improving communication with your coach and teammates.

For more information on  Training Programs, Video Analysis, and Rebuilding a Rower contact me!