R.O.W.® – “ALL SET”

Whether you are current athlete, former athlete, or just beginning your journey back into health and fitness, there is a program and a starting point that is right for you.

It’s time to “rebuild” you back into the athlete and person you want to become.

Our initial consultation will be through a phone conference and through email. We will review your goals, and decide what tools are appropriate in helping you achieve them. 

This will allow us to create an individual training program that will be customized to your mindset and your current abilities. We will continue to adapt this training program based on your progress.


I have experience creating training programs for large teams both at the high school and collegiate level. Data provided by athletic screening gives coaches insight in how to enhance their strength and conditioning programs, and “fine-tune” the program for individual athletes. Athletic screening will also predict and prevent injuries to athletes during the season.

I will help coaches and their teams understand how to use this information to create a culture of success. Additional team seminars during the off-season and the year will allow coaches and athletes hold each other accountable.
For more information about R.O.W.®, Strength and Conditioning, Training Programs, and Team Training and Seminars –Contact me!